Long time no post

So… I’ve really let this blog go recently. Between crazy hours at work and real life stuff I haven’t had much time for… well… anything.

Things are now slowly falling back into a┬árhythm and I have found some time here and there to continue working on Harmony. I’m currently implementing animation support and I hope to talk one of my friends into making some sample animations for Twilight.

I hope I’ll be able to post another video soon and I’ll not go into as much implementation detail as I did with the magic shader and rendering pipeline. In retrospect writing long articles with lots of source-code in a few hours straight was not a good idea.

Malware warning

avast! Antivirus claims that my site is infected with URL:Mal. I have triplechecked the side and all of its content and the hosting service has done a sweep as well but found nothing. So there seems to not be any actual issue with the site.

I have reported the issue to avast and hope this will be resolved soon.

PS. Not sure why I write this here. If you are one of the affected people, you won’t be able to read this. DS.



Hi, and welcome to my blog.

Here you can follow the development of the game engine Harmony and Rainbow Factory, the first game to use it. I will also share general development thoughts, ranging from game design to programming and art.

This is my first blog and English is not my native language, so please excuse any typos.

I will try to make at least biweekly updates here, but I hope to make it more than that.

So let’s kick this blog of with an introduction. Continue reading