Over two months since I said I would post something “soon”.┬áSummer happened, and with it, vacation. Now that I’m back I’m itching to get more work done on Harmony.

First order of business is to show what little work I’ve gotten done on particle effects. Really all I have so far is spawning particles with limited lifetime, random position offset, velocity, and collision.

Disclaimer: I’m not an artist and have put little to no effort into making this pretty. This i a demonstation of tech only :D

The collision works by ray-tracing against the geometry and reflecting the velocity over the surface normal every time a hit is detected. I’m using Farseer Physics for this so all ray-tracing is done in 2D but I think it will be enough to make some really cool effects and the simplicity of 2D physics makes everything easier.

Here’s hoping there will not be as many delays with the next post.