Random Fixes

As some of you may know, Arrowhead announced HELLDIVERS at Gamescom in Cologne this week (arrowheadgs.com).Because of the work that has gone into preparing for this announcement progress on Harmony has been slow for the last few weeks.

While I don’t really have anything to show I have still managed to find time here and there to make tweaks and fixes to some issues.

Gamepad input is now supported. The gamepads are polled by the engine and keep track of when buttons are pressed, released and apply one of three deadzone modes similar to those found in Microsoft’s XNA Framework.

Orthographic projection support has been added to the camera.

The render-pipe is now more configurable using a Simplified JSON file. Multiple layer configurations can also be defined to use different render-pipes in different scenes or with different viewports.

Depth sorting is now properly implemented. Gui objects are given a layer, 0-1000 for now, where higher layers are rendered later while scene objects are sorted based on their distance to the camera.

Texture samplers can be defined by the shader. All textures were previously sampled using linear interpolation, wrapping uv-addresses, and mipmapping was not supported.

That’s it for now. Minor fixes all over the place. Hope to have more to show soon.