What is Harmony?

Harmony aims to be an open source 2.5D game engine. 2.5D is a broad term but in this case means 3D graphics with 2D game play.

Harmony focuses on flexibility and simplicity. It will feature a fully customizable rendering pipeline, robust and easy to use physics and a powerful sound engine.

The engine is developed entirely using the C# programming language (not including external libraries). It gives high performance and short compile times while still being very easy to read and use.

Scripting also uses C# (and possibly Visual Basic). This enables a very simple interface between script and engine and also means there is no performance penalty from implementing features in script. It will be possible to create an entire game without changing any of the engine source code.

Harmony uses the SlimDX framework to use DirectX 11 in C#. The shaders delivered with the engine will target DirectX 10 hardware (shader model 4.0).

Harmony currently uses Farseer Physics as the physics engine. Farseer is based on the well known engine Box2D. It primarily targets the XNA and Silverlight APIs but can easily be customized for use with SlimDX.

Rainbow Factory will be provided as a sample game with the engine. To read more about Rainbow Factory, click here.

To read more about the background of the project, please read the Why? article.